Friday, September 7, 2012

Fantastic fabric

I am so excited! I ordered some fabric online last week and it has come in the mail. Don't you just love getting packages in the mail? I know I do!

I have been searching for the perfect accent pillows for our living room sofa for awhile now, but I just couldn't seem to find ones that were 'just right'. So I thought maybe I should attempt to make my own pillow covers. I went to the local fabric shop, but again, didn't see anything that I LOVED.

Then I found out about this great online fabric shop Tonic Living from reading this post by {aka} design. I fell in love with sooo many fabrics after checking out their site - you should take a look!

So here is what I decided on. It's called "Gazebo, Cloud". The colours are perfect and I love the water colour kind of look the pattern has.

The fun thing about Tonic Living is that you can order fabric samples for just a $1 each. So in addition to my 2 yards of fabric, I also ordered some fun samples of the other patterns I loved. The samples vary in size, but they are all around 8 inches square more or less. I'm not sure what I will do with them yet, but I think they will come in handy with future craft/DIY projects. Aren't these patterns so great?

So now I'm off to sew some pillow covers. Fingers crossed that they turn out well (my sewing skills are limited)! Stay tuned for a post about my finished pillows!


  1. So glad you shared this Heather! I'm totally looking to recover my dining room chairs! I'm going to check out the fabrics available!

    1. Thanks Courtney. I hope you find something great for your chairs!


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