Friday, June 15, 2012

Coloured glass

My blog has been severely neglected these past few months, but with good reason. I'm the proud mama of a handsome baby boy! Though he's hardly a wee babe anymore. It's hard to believe the little guy is already six months old! Now that life seems to be on a bit of a routine, I figured it's time that I get back to posting some entries.

I am working hard at finding d├ęcor pieces to finish off our living/dining area. This is a slow process since I am painfully thrifty and hate to pay full price for anything. It's most satisfying for me to find items at thrift stores and garage sales. Kijiji is also a favourite shopping locale. The hunt for a good bargain is half the fun for me!

That being said, I've slowly been collecting some vintage coloured glassware - vases, jars, bottles. I love these fresh colours for spring/summer along with the intricate designs and unique shapes. So pretty and cheerful!

Right now I have them arranged on the sideboard in our dining area. It is neat to see the different shapes, sizes and colours work together to create an interesting display. The overall sideboard display needs more work in my opinion. Any suggestions?