Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Front porch reveal

Well at long last, I'm finally ready to reveal our porch makeover!

When we moved into our house just over two years ago, the front porch was, you could say, less than inviting. When house hunting, we almost didn't even go view the house because of the porch photos we saw online. It was basically a pine and plywood box and didn't exactly scream 'Home Sweet Home' if you know what I mean.

Here are a few shots of the original porch in all its glory. Check out the LOVELY Christmas wreath (it came with the house and we got possession in June!) and the charming (cough!) wooden mailbox – as if there wasn't enough wood going on already!

We decided that even though untreated pine wasn't our thing, the wainscoting and trim did have some potential. So we (okay, mostly my hubby) when to work with some paint and new black fixtures and ended up with this. Definitely an improvement. Bright and cheery. No more pine box.

And the above is how it sat for nearly two years. Nicely painted, yet lacking in charm and character. This spring/summer I finally got around to hunting down just the right d├ęcor pieces to achieve the look I wanted. It involved scouring several garage sales and making numerous trips to the thrift store, but I did it! Here is how it looks now.

You can read about the chair makeover and DIY wall art in previous posts. I had fun with these projects and I think they give the porch a personal touch.

Everything on this table (and even the table – which I painted white) came from a thrift store, dollar store or garage sale. I love a goooood bargain!

I adore this little tea light lantern with coloured glass. I considered spray painting it black, but I just loved the aged patina too much. What do you think, did I make the right decision in not painting it?

I am happy with the doormat I purchased for only $12 at The Home Depot.

There is a little story to go with this doormat. I looked around so many stores and finally found this one on The Home Depot's website. The site said it was in stock at the store, but I had looked and it definitely wasn't there. So I went back to the store again and this time recruited some help from customer service. Well, half an hour, three sales people and a forklift thingy-ma-bob later, the doormat was retrieved from a box up in the rafters. Totally worth it!

So that concludes the porch makeover tour. Thanks for taking a look! 

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