Friday, August 31, 2012

Cute as a button

I just love buttons! Are they not the cutest little pieces of plastic you've ever seen? I was so excited to find these precious little jars of buttons in the bargain bin at Michael's craft store. Only $1.50 each – I couldn't pass them up!

And look how cute the lids are – sigh. Attach a little tag to the ribbon or a label to the jar and they would be perfect parting gifts for a crafting party. Or a little gift for anyone, just because.

I love that there are all different sizes in each jar.

Now, what am I going to do will all these little buttons? I have some ideas. Here is just a bit of inspiration I found from other bloggers.

The Little Housewares Company gives this idea for re-purposing buttons as part of gift wrap.

And Lauryn at Love Notes by Lauryn has a whole blog post of button DIYs. I love these two ideas of hers below. So pretty and lovely and cute!

I think I need to start a button collection. I would love to collect some pretty, vintage buttons as well as some more cute, coloured ones. This will require figuring out a way to store and organize my collection. I love a good storage/organization project! 

What are your ideas for using buttons? Do you have a button collection? What is your favourite way to organize and store them?

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